Thursday, March 13, 2014

seven so soon

to my oldest baby

i can hardly believe you will be seven tomorrow.
each year as your birthday approaches
your excitement is palpitating.

i, however, get a lump in my throat.

i am in awe of who you are
and the lady you are growing into.

i see qualities in you that are absent in me. 

you want to be a doctor you say...
whatever you choose i know it will be filled
with compassion and joy.

you are no longer small but i can still carry you.
your fine baby hair is now a head full of golden locks.
your infectious smile is filled with full size teeth.
your legs are long and lean like your daddy's.

you wear your heart on your sleeve.

these years i cannot do over.
i know this in my brain, but
my heart aches that they will be gone forever.

please bear with me as i take an excessive
amount of pictures because i don't want to
forget one second. 

i love being your mom.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

finding focus

focused. no one ever really used that word
to describe me... ever.
my every day can change direction... often.

when i stumbled into photography, what started as a
hobby quickly escalated into an obsession.

somehow i was now focused.

here was an artistic way
to tell a story,
freeze time,
create a mood,
sell a product,
all through an image.

it also provided an outlet for me to be creative,
and a mom, simultaneously.
i know many friends in search of that same balance.

one friend, jennifer, just opened her first etsy shop
i took her product shots and hope she finds her balance.
stop by and check her out.

Friday, March 7, 2014


lately i am overwhelmed by gratitude.
the result of starting over.
not by choice, something that just happens in life
and while it wasn't the easiest of times, in the end
fostered the most change.
i find myself waking up each morning and assessing the reasons
i have to be grateful.  
part of a growth process or a shift in thinking,
i can't complain.
we are better versions of ourselves and understand how
little things can be big things and most often they are free.
starting each day grateful for the things i do have fills me with positive.
each day is new
tomorrow may different but today, this day, it is perfect.


gratitude for ...

 watching. loving. protecting

wild. funny. four

beauty flowing from the inside out

these days. everyone goes. supports. cheers. encourages.